Vanadis Aikidoklubb have a very good relation with the Sigtuna Budoklubb and have been using their training hall located in Sigtuna for many seminars. Sigtuna is located very near the airport Arlanda. The address to the training hall is Prästängshallen, John Åkerlundsväg 10 A, Sigtuna.
Where is it located?
The map below contains locations for the training hall, places to live and eat and bus stops nearby.

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How do I go there?
By car:
- Drive E4 towards Märsta and take the exit for ArlandaStad.
- Follow the signs for road 263 towards Sigtuna for about 5 km.
- Please refer to the Google map above for the last part of the drive.
By train and bus:
- Take the comuter train (Pendeltåg) to Märsta.
- Take bus 575 towards Sigtuna. Alight at station Prästgårdsängarna.
- More exact time tables will be provided later. The buses are timed to match the commuter trains.
Printable travel descriptions
By car: PDF
Where can I stay?
Suggetions of places to live: Since Sigtuna is located close to Arlanda, there are also several hotels in that area that should be useful.